Love to flip? 

Our co-ed tumbling classes focus on building handstands, cartwheels, and bridges on floor, and progress towards roundoffs and handsprings. 

Your gymnast will train on rod floor, trampoline, and tumble track to build their strength and power and perfect their skills. Our highly trained coaches and expertly crafted curriculum make learning a blast!

Tumble Bugs

4- 6 year olds

Children will enjoy group play while learning the fundamental elements of gymnastics, with an emphasis on coordination, flexibility, and strength. Children will learn the basic tumbling positions including pike, tuck, straddle.  Forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels  An awareness of the surroundings is stressed. Safe play is always taught so young children will always aware of their space in and out of the gym. 


6 years plus
Students continue honing their basic tumbling skills.  More conditioning exercises are introduced. Attention to details such as alignment, flexibility, strength and safety are emphasized.  Basic apparatus skills such as hanging, chin-ups, pullups, rope climbing are taught to develop upper body strength. Tumble trak and large safety mats are routinely used to allow students more repetitions on a soft and safe forgiving surface. 
This structured class will teach gym safety, and will encourage self-confidence, listening skills, and social skills in a fun, interactive environment.


7 years plus

Class consists of warm-ups, strength, and conditioning, followed by tumbling skills for all levels.  Handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs,  handsprings  and saltos. These are taught using a variety of progressions using our the tumble track and our pit. This class is also recommended for dancers and ninja students